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Anti-Pickling Activism

I live in Brooklyn where everyone is into pickling. Not me. What I do to buck this stupid trend is, I go to an outdoor market like the Brooklyn Flea and buy someone’s ridiculous handcrafted, artisanal pickles. Then I go home and remove all the vinegar, salt, and seasoning. I turn them back into cucumbers—their natural state before some hipster messed with them. (How do I do it? It takes many hours of gently squeezing and wringing the pickles, so as not to tear their delicate fibers.) Then I’ll take the cucumbers to the grocery store and set them free on the shelf, with their friends. I think they’re happy, though it’s pretty hard to tell with cukes. Some people don't like what I do. I’ve been called an "unpickled pecker," which is fine with me! At least I know I'm doing something to fight back against the unnecessary brining and fermentation of vegetables that everyone engages in now, just to be cool.


My NYC Hurricane Preparedness Kit