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CASUAL PIMPIN' (HOT REMIX!) - Song of Summer 2014! Written & performed by Tim Ellis. WATCH ON YOUTUBE

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Anti-Pickling Activism

I live in Brooklyn where everyone is into pickling. Not me. What I do to buck this stupid trend is, I go to an outdoor market like the Brooklyn Flea and buy someone’s ridiculous handcrafted, artisanal pickles. Then I go home and remove all the vinegar, salt, and seasoning. I turn them back into cucumbers—their natural state before some hipster messed with them. It’s difficult to do, but I do it. To further right this wrong, I’ll take the cucumbers to the grocery store and secretly put them back on the shelf, where they belong. I think they’re happy, though it’s pretty hard to tell with cukes. At least I know I’ve done something to fight back against the unnecessary brining and fermentation of vegetables that everyone engages in now, just to be cool. I’ve been called “The Unpickler,” which I don’t mind.


My NYC Hurricane Preparedness Kit