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Happy Birthday, Mr. President

Lincoln's Birthday in NYC, 2015


Record-Breaking Rain in NYC - We Did It!

Just want to congratulate everyone for the record rainfall in New York City yesterday. Awesome job letting the rain fall on us, guys! Sure, we complained, but did anyone try to stop the rain? No! That's what makes this city so great - we know how to receive historic precipitation and go about our lives as New Yorkers. Special shout-out to the folks selling cheap umbrellas on the street. Sure, they are worthless pieces of crap. But you guys inspired us all to accumulate more water from the sky on a particular date, which we can all be proud of. Over 2" on 1/18/15. In New York City, baby!


Hello, 2015!


From My Band to Taylor Swift - Music Video

Here's a new song & video from my band, Modern Beast! Consider it our response to Taylor Swift's "Welcome to New York." Contains bad words & much badass-ery! WATCH ON YOUTUBE

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A Thanksgiving Tribute to Philip Seymour Hoffman (& Peppermint Patty)

I don’t know if it’s “too soon” to repost this, but consider it my tribute to the late, great actor (and to Ms. Patty, wherever she is)… WATCH ON YOUTUBE

He was very much alive when I made this, two years ago. I miss him, even though I didn't know him.