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There's No "I" in Ayn Rand Club

Dear Brooklyn Ayn Rand Club members,

I’m writing to address some issues that have come up for me recently related to our club, and I hope you will hear me out. When I started the BARC, I was really looking forward to meeting people who shared an interest in objectivist philosophy, unregulated capitalism, and personal freedom. What I didn’t realize was that I would end up doing all of the work myself. This has got to change if the club is to continue, at least with me as a member.

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Usain Bolt's Goals, Post-2012 Olympics

Get “I’m a Legend” T-shirts silkscreened.

File for patent on celebratory pointing move.

See what happens if I run more than 200 meters.

 √    Break record for # of times saying “I’m the best” in TV interview.

Oust Apollo Ohno as Subway spokesperson.

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Casual Pimpin' (MUSIC VIDEO)

Here's the much-anticipated video for my jam "Casual Pimpin'"... Crank it up & pimp it up! Please share with all your pimpin' friends! Word, Timmy E.


THANK YOU:  Michelle Morrison, Ben Rader, Scarlett Lillian Wilson


"Casual Pimpin'" Video Coming Soon...

I've been taking a break from blog posts this summer, but not taking it easy! (I wouldn't want you to think I'm sitting by the pool drinking pina coladas, or enjoying myself too much.) No, the Human Comedy machine has kicked into gear, making a music video for my hit song "Casual Pimpin'"! We've shot most of it, and it should be going viral in a week or so. Here's a "production still," as they say in the biz:

So STAY TUNED for this important work of comedy, cinema, & fashion, which also happens to be THE HOT SUMMER JAM of '12! (Otherwise, this blog will be on an as-I-feel-like-it schedule for the rest of the summer. I plan to resume weekly posts in fall, when I'm not so busy pimpin.)


What Are You Doing on the 4th? -- VIDEO

Celebrate your freedom by chowing down at my picnic!

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"Casual Pimpin'" in New York Funny Song Fest

I performed an excerpt from my song "Casual Pimpin'" at the show 50 Funny Songs, as part of the First Annual New York Funny Song Festival. Here it is, if you want to listen to the whole thing (I know you do!)...


Thanks to Jessica Delfino & Jen Kwok for putting together a great show!